Review Policy

Are you accepting books from publishers for review? Do you accept unsolicited books?

Are you accepting books from self-published authors?

Sorry, I don’t feel comfortable giving my address to non-publishers. But I will consider reviewing an eBook.

Have you worked with Publishing Groups before?

Yes! I have been sent printed review copies from:

Big Five Book Publishers:

1. Penguin Random House 

  • God in the Crowd by Tal Keinan
    • ***Advance Uncorrected Proof

    • Publication date: 9/25/18

2. HarperCollins

3. Simon & Schuster

4. Hachette Book Group

5. Macmillan

Other Publishing Houses

I have also reviewed eBooks from various other publishers via Netgallery and Edelweiss.

What genres do you accept?
I read any book that sounds interesting, independent of genre! For instance, I am reviewing poetry, essay, and short-story collections. However, I do tend to prefer literary fiction, narrative medicine, and memoirs. One of my goals is to read more books from Asian-American authors.

What formats do you accept? 
I prefer Print books and Audiobooks but eBooks are also accepted.

How long does it take for you to review a book?
Due to the number of review copies I currently have,  it will take me 1+ months to complete a blog post. I will post on Instagram as close to the publication date as possible.

Where can I contact you?
Please use the “Contact Me” Section or PM me on Goodreads/Instagram

Where will you post the reviews?
Goodreads, ResaReads, and Instagram. I will also send the link of my review to the publisher’s publicity contact.

If requested, I can also post review on retailers’ sites (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.)

 What do your ratings mean? 

  1. Did Not Finish Book
  2. Struggled to Finish Book
  3. Enjoyed Book
  4. Highly Enjoyed Book & Recommend Readers of that Genre to Purchase
  5. Loved Book & Recommend Everyone to Purchase

I will explain the Pros and Cons for even 5 star reads. However, I may not choose to write a full review for 1 star or 2 star books.

Additional Information

I will post my honest opinion, following FTC guidelines. I reserve the right to not post any review if I did not find the book enjoyable. I will note that I received the book from a publishing group.